What is the Arden Centre?

Welcome to The Arden Centre. We are a group of mental health specialists who have worked together in the NHS and have come together in order to offer a complete package of support for individuals and families. Our Clinical Director is a Chartered Psychologist and we also have trained Counsellors, coaches, mental health nurses and nursery nurses working in our team.

We can offer you a range of assessment and therapy treatment options and will tailor our recommendation to suit your needs. We are able to treat both adults and children and to support you with a range of conditions. These might include:

  • Worry or Anxiety including generalised anxiety disorder
  • Phobia’s or Fears including Panic
  • Sleeping or Bedtime difficulties
  • Feeding problems
  • Eating difficulties such as Bulimia and over-eating
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Anger; Depression or persistent feelings of sadness
  • Family relationship problems
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Post-Traumatic Stress

It may be that you know you are going to be experiencing a particularly stressful episode in your life and want some support to manage that well.  We offer expertise from a range of mental health professionals and we would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

We are committed to supporting individuals and organisations to build resilience and perform at their best. We do this by offering individual therapy and resilience sessions, restorative resilience supervision and training to develop knowledge about mental health, resilience, and stress as well as how to protect against situations which challenge you.

The Arden centre is located in a rural location of natural beauty and offers breath taking views from all our rooms. The grounds are extensive and include a lake and acres of walks to enable our therapy and training to take advantage of the outside space as well as the purpose built therapy and training rooms.

What can we help you with?

It may be that you are clear about where your difficulties have arisen from and want some help moving forward and managing your current experiences. Sometimes, things can be less clear and you need help with understanding why you feel the way you do and where this has arisen from. The sensation of being stuck or overwhelmed is a common way and therapy is a good way of overcoming this or recognising and changing patterns in your life.

We can offer a tailored approach to your needs. A short period of therapy to help you overcome a change in your circumstances such as grief, loss or bereavement. It may be that you have lost your job or are having difficulties after the breakdown of a relationship. This experience may be reminding you of other losses you have had in your life and we can support you to gain some perspective and feel more able to move forward.

You may find that you are feeling overwhelmed or in an unhappy place perhaps consumed by anxious worries or thoughts. This may be impacting on how you are able to fully live your life and we can help you understand how to change the way you are feeling. You may have recently experienced a traumatic or frightening episode and are having difficulties sleeping or keep remembering the experience. Therapy can also help you stop feeling that you are stuck with these frightening memories and move you into a place that feels more positive.

How does therapy help?

We often find ways of managing our difficulties but over time these can be difficult to maintain or become less helpful. The constant attention to the areas that are difficult in our life can be exhausting and we need to be able to find ways of coping that are more helpful.

Therapy offers a place to consider how you think, what you feel and how you respond in order to understand what is happening to you and how you can change this. By working with someone who is trained to work in a non-judgemental way but can support you to accept and make sense of your difficulties. This will enable you to move into a place where you are more able to think about how you move forward and importantly feel able to do that.


Our work is underpinned through independent research and we have been publishing our work since 2008. Our latest publications are The Restorative Resilience Reader and The Organisational Training Pack for Resilience. Both of these have been written by Dr Sonya Wallbank and can be purchased here: