Supporting your child to be more resilient

  It is National Children’s Mental Health Week and there is a lot of focus and useful information regarding the mental health and resilience of children. What seems to be missing from the messages however is how critical to this resilience are us, as parents. We don’t learn to be resilient on our own, in a bubble […]

Resilience and your parenting style

I had the unfortunate experience this weekend of listening to a mum screaming at her young child to stop shouting at her in the middle of a busy shop. The irony of shouting loudly in order to reduce the volume of the shouting child was clearly lost on mum. Don’t get me wrong, we all […]

What to do with Worry

“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” – Swedish Proverb What is a worry? Worrying is the way the brain tries to protect you from uncertain future events by helping you anticipate what you need to do. The reason worrying is so troublesome is that the events have not happened and indeed may not […]