Restorative Resilience Supervision

The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision: An organisational training manual for building resilience to workplace stress in health and social care professionals is a training pack and accompanying reader that is based on the model of restorative resilience supervision. 

Restorative resilience supervision was first developed in response to the emotional demands of midwives, doctors and nurses caring for families who had experienced miscarriage and stillbirth.  

The programme was designed to support professionals to process their workplace experiences and support them to build resilience levels to ensure they had future coping strategies beyond the initial life of the supervision sessions.

This resource allows an organisation to cascade the restorative resilience approach throughout their staff, initially ‘training a trainer’, who can then pass the knowledge on to any number of supervisors. 

It includes full step-by-step instructions for both phases of this training, and a CD-ROM supplying all the handouts and PowerPoints needed to run the training. It also includes several video clips of Restorative Resilience in action, modelled by the author, Sonya Wallbank, to demonstrate what good practice should look like.

The reader gives an in-depth understanding of the theoretical principles and research background to the approach, and explores how to put the approach into action on an individual level. In combination with the training pack, this can be used to further the knowledge of all those learning about the approach, both the trainers and the eventual supervisors.

The Restorative Resilience Model of Supervision reader will introduce anyone with supervisory responsibilities to restorative resilience and give them an in-depth understanding of the approach, allowing them to begin using its methods with those they work with.

Organisational training programme

In order to support the successful implementation of the restorative resilience programme, we can offer a bespoke training programme which will support enable your organisation to apply the principles of the training pack and reader. Overseen by the Dr Sonya Wallbank, the training programme will enable you to:

  • Engage the organisation to support the delivery of the approach
  • Train a group of trainers to deliver the supervision training to others
  • Monitor the delivery of the programme and support supervision sessions are productive
  • Evaluate the approach and ensure that the programme is being delivered effectively

Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss an organisational training package

Individual training programme

Would you like to learn about the approach and adopt resilience restorative supervision into your own practice? We are currently offering individual training programmes throughout the year and also the opportunity for you to participate in restorative resilient group supervision. This two-day foundation training programme will enable you to:

  • Understand the impact of stress and burnout on your capacity to think
  • Consider the differences between individual and group supervision and what skills you will need to
  • Explore the theoretical concepts relating to the restorative resilience approach and apply them to your practice
  • Learn techniques such as containment, resilience training and stress inoculation to improve your supervision practice
  • Apply the techniques to your supervision and utilise a safe training space to practice these skills
  • Participate and experience good quality group supervision using the restorative resilience approach

Further details of our upcoming training courses can be found here

Please contact us if you would like further information on the individual training approach.